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"It´s been over a year now since I went to Reynolds Rehab for help with my chronic back pain. I´ve had episodes of mild to quite severe low back pain since I was a teenager (I´m now 53). An MRI showed that I have significant degenerative arthritis at L5-S1, presumably as the result of a sports injury, which is probably the cause of the pain. I´m very active, play basketball, lift weights, hike, etc. and I always thought that would keep my back going. However, after a really bad episode trying to pick up a heavy scuba tank a couple years ago it just got worse and worse, sometimes to the point where I could barely walk.

At my first visit, Meagan assessed me and spent an entire hour asking questions and using her hands to find the source of the pain. She identified it exactly. Even though I could barely lift one leg off the floor while sitting she started me on exercises with the ball. She urged me not to push myself to where it hurt but to move only as much as I could. These initial baby steps got me started. She sent me home with a sheet of a few stretches and exercises to work on each day.

Over the course of the next four weeks she continued to spend an entire hour each week assessing my progress and giving me new, very specific exercises aimed at strengthening the exact areas that supported my weak back. Within a week of the first visit I was in less pain, within two weeks I was functioning normally (although still moving very carefully) and within four weeks it was as if I never had any back pain. I was released after 5 weeks with no pain and full function.

Sixteen months later I continue to do my exercises each week, even though I don´t need to do them as frequently. I have not had even one episode of back pain since going to Reynolds Rehab. If I feel any sense of weakening I just do the exercises more frequently. This is the first time in my life my back has felt this strong and pain-free for this long.

At no point was I given the false impression that I would be well without my strong personal effort. But my physical therapists were understanding and supportive and gave me the tools to take control of my own health. I didn´t need expensive machines or months and months of visits to the physical therapy clinic. The combination of taking their time with me, listening, and then prescribing the exact fix for my condition couldn´t have been better."

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